Have You Seen These Thieves?

The police in Ohio are searching for two guys who have robbed several gym locker rooms . . . and they happen to look a LOT like the two guys from MILLI VANILLI.  So far, the cops don’t have any leads.

The police in Columbus, Ohio are hunting for two thieves who’ve used fake IDs to get temporary passes to at least half a dozen gyms.  And then, once they’re inside, they use bolt cutters to break into a bunch of lockers to steal other guys’ wallets.

The funny part is, they look weirdly similar to the two guys from the 80’s band MILLI VANILLI.

Like Milli Vanilli, . . . they have long hair that’s done into thin braids.

Anyway, the cops are hoping for help tracking them down . . . but so far they don’t have any leads… and yes, you know it’s true.