Some Things I THINK I Think…..

  1.  A young lady in her 20’s came up to me last night and told me that she’s listened to me her whole life.  On one hand, that’s a really nice compliment.  On the other hand, it means that I’m REALLY old!
  2. Penn State / Ohio State this weekend…have you heard?  The whole damned town is going to be nuts, so please use some extra patience and restraint this weekend.
  3. While we’re talking about it…let me remind you again….BLUE bags for cans and bottles….WHITE/CLEAR bags for garbage.  And please…don’t let anyone get away with leave their mess all over the ground.
  4. If you get a chance, tune into the Blase Tailgate 2018 show tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 on The Bus.  It’s always entertaining and I’m extremely proud to be a part of it.