Signs You Have a Redneck Neighbor

Today is National Good Neighbor Day.  So try to be nice even if your neighbors happen to be like what you’ll hear described on this list of The Top Signs You Have a Redneck Neighbor.

  • Albeit reluctantly, you’ve actually tried possum on a stick.

  • He asks if he can borrow some flea and tick spray . . . and he doesn’t have a dog or cat.

  • They don’t consider “Talladega Nights” a comedy.

  • The tires on their pickup are taller than your car.

  • The burgers at his barbecue are amazing, because they’re generously seasoned with Oxycontin.

  • On Halloween, he passes out chunks of Skoal.

  • He asks you to help him rotate the tires on his house.

  • He talks about the Blue Collar Comedy Tour like people talk about Woodstock.

  • Their wind chimes play “Friends In Low Places”.

  • You’re constantly being woken up by the meth lab explosions in their garage.

  • They have “his and hers” Camaros.

  • She looks nine months pregnant year-round.  And so does he.