How People Feel About Farting in a Relationship

We’ve all been there in the early stages of a relationship: desperate to pass gas, but determined to maintain the illusion that we’ve never done something as lowly and foul as farting. Eventually, you muster the confidence to drop the charade, and boom! You and your partner reach a whole new level of intimacy.

 Guys wait 6.5 months on average to fart in front of their partners, according to a survey of around 1,000 adults. Women tend to take longer, waiting 1.3 years.

 You may be embarrassed to fart, but guess what? There’s apparently a possibility that your partner will find it hot – albeit a small one. According to the survey, 11 percent of men and 3 percent of women find it attractive when their partner farts. Meanwhile, 28 percent of guys say they’ve had a negative experience after farting while in bed with someone, so use your judgement before you let one rip.

 Here are some of the most common ways that guys attempt to masquerade their farts:

 ·        hold it in (75 percent have done it)

·        go to another room for privacy (58 percent)

·        go outside (54 percent)

·        make noise to hind the sound (25 percent)

 We get it, guys: Farting isn’t exactly the first things you want to do around your new mate. But the truth is, farts are natural, and holding them in can be bad for your health. The survey really puts it best: “Even though people will sometimes go to great lengths to avoid making an embarrassing sound or smell in front of someone they love, there’s no escaping a simple reality: Everyone farts.”