The Top Google Fun Facts

In honor of today being Google’s 20th birthday . . . here are The Top Google Fun Facts.

  • Police suspect recent violent crimes were spurred by frustration over the Gmail redesign.
  • All the janitors at their headquarters are former executives at Yahoo!
  • Of all the funny “Doodles” on Google’s homepage, the company’s favorite one is the picture of their founders counting their money and laughing at you.
  • Some company officials were tempted to call it G-spot-mail . . . but didn’t, because men wouldn’t be able to find it.
  • You can categorize your Google calendars as Red, Yellow, or “Parties I conveniently didn’t attend in 1982.”
    Google has over a billion search requests every day. And almost half of them are answered by Russian hackers.
  • Despite the fact Google Translate can translate over 80 languages, it still has no idea what Benicio Del Toro is saying.
  • Without Google, it’d be very difficult and time consuming for Melania Trump to plagiarize Michelle Obama.
  • Google owns misspellings of its name. That way it can always find its Starbucks order.
  • Before Google, people learned things through an ancient process called “reading books.”