Edited Selfies Of Instagram Models May Actually Have A Positive Effect On Women

Edited selfies of Instagram models on social media may actually have a positive effect on women. A new study — which researched 360 female college students, found that women were less likely to internalize the thin ideal if they believed the pictures they view were edited. The college students all viewed the same 45 selfies, taken from public Instagram accounts, of thin women in revealing clothing. Some of the photos had icons, placed by the researchers, that indicated the image was edited and/or included an Instagram filter. Half of the women were told that the images were of other students at their college, while the others were told the images depicted supermodels. Lead author Megan Vendemia said, “Women see the edited photos as less authentic and it reduces the negative effect these images can have on them. They know that the online images might not reflect an offline reality.”  The study also found that participants judged women negatively for sharing edited pictures of themselves online. Meanwhile, participants evaluated the women who shared the thin, sexualized images more negatively when they believed the women were peers instead of models.