We Keep Eating Because Our Brain Tells Us To

University of Michigan researchers are saying that the signal from your brain telling you you’re full — therefore stop eating — is weaker than the signal that says just keep going. This weakness can lead to weight gain and feelings of over-fullness. But the researchers have come up with a drug that could help those who eat too much. The drug, naloxone, more commonly known as the drug used to block the effects of a heroin or morphine overdose, could also help people keep their food intake in check. Naloxone reportedly sends a stop sign to the brain, therefore helping you cut down the amount you feel you need to eat even after you know you’re stomach is full. The study’s author, Professor Huda Akil, explained, “There’s a whole industry built on enticing you to eat, whether you need it or not, through visual cues, packaging, smells, emotional associations. People get hungry just looking at them, and we need to study the neural signals involved in those attentional, perceptional mechanisms that drive us to eat.”