Pumped Breast Milk Isn’t As Good For A Baby’s Weight

It’s not that pumped breast milk is bad, it’s still better than giving your baby formula, however, a new study suggests that it’s not as good as the milk that comes straight from the breast. Breast milk that comes directly from the source to the child’s mouth helps keep the baby at a healthier weight. Lead researcher, Meghan Azad an assistant professor at Canada’s University of Manitoba, said, “The message here is not that pumping is ‘bad’ or ‘wrong.’ It’s better than formula feeding.” But Azad claims that some enzymes may be depleted when the pumped milk is in the refrigerator. She also says that babies learn to “self-regulate” food intake when they feed from their mother’s breast. Parents with a bottle tend to take the lead and make the child finish the whole thing. The study found that babies who breastfed from their mother at 6 months were of the healthiest weight by a year old but that babies who did not only breastfeed by 6 months had three times a greater risk of being overweight by 12 months.