Reasons You Love Fall

Fall officially starts tomorrow. Hear why that makes you ecstatic with this list of The Top Reasons You Love Fall.

  • Your Toad from “Mario Kart” costume is more relevant than ever!
  • You can ignore your family for football three nights a week.
  • You can say all that candy in your shopping cart is for trick-or-treaters. It’s not. But you can say it is.
  • Five months of watching the equivalent of all the jocks who tormented you in high school giving themselves and each other brain damage.
  • NBC debuted six new shows about first responders in Chicago.
  • You enjoy annoying your Facebook friends by posting selfies of yourself in stupid cardigans with the caption, “Sweater weather!”
  • Your dealer offers a seasonal pumpkin spiced meth.
  • You can buy candy corn . . . for people you hate
  • You can start wearing the same pair of underwear for two straight days again.
  • Every holiday revolves around eating.