People Are Sharing Their Best Hangover Remedies on Twitter

In a new Twitter moment highlighted this week, users shared the hangover remedies they swear by. And as it happens? Some of ’em actually make sense, according to Kevin Strang, Ph.D., Elizabeth Kovacs, Ph.D., and Kimberly Sackheim, M.D. While time is the only true hangover cure, here’s their take on various remedies that could make you less miserable.

 Mexican Coke. THE VERDICT: “Absolutely-it will make you feel better,” Strang says.

 Everything Bagel with All the Fixings. THE VERDICT: It can help sop up stomach acid and aid with rehydration.

 Chips and Dip. THE VERDICT: Chips might help, but hold the super spicy salsa.

 Tomato Juice. THE VERDICT: Beats booze!

 Cold Orange Juice. THE VERDICT: Good idea, but no ice needed.

 Banana with Honey. THE VERDICT: Eat. Up!

 Exercise. THE VERDICT: “It’s probably a good thing,” Kovacs says, provided you sip water throughout the workout.

 Coconut Water. THE VERDICT: It beats water.