Crazy Things Couples Didn’t Know About Each Other Until They Got Married

1. “My wife refuses to poop with the door closed. Refuses. Also refuses to use the exhaust fan. I didn’t know about this when we were dating. Now we have a larger place – with two bathrooms.. I’ve confronted her about this many times, and if I reach in and try to turn on the fan, she shrieks like a banshee.” -Cory, 32, Fort Lauderdale

 2. “She doesn’t screw the cap on anything. Jars, juice, toothpaste, you name it. More than once, I’ve grabbed some container by the lid and it went flying. I splattered a bottle of marinade down the kitchen cabinet a few months ago when I picked it up by the cap. [Early on], I’d bring it up every time. It was a big deal to me! But it just wasn’t a priority to her. Now I just go with the flow, tightening things up as I find ’em. I’m the yin to her yang.” -Paul, 55, Ohio

 3. “My husband has a weird sleep habit. I kept finding a single tissue wadded up under his side of the bed. I thought it had something in it I didn’t want to touch, so I would grab it by an edge and throw it away. One night, I saw him cram one into his fist to the point where I almost couldn’t see it. So I asked about it, and he just holds it in his fist all night – it’s something he did as a kid. He’s like a large baby.” -Kimberly, 31, Oklahoma City

 4. “He’s super anal about cleaning the apartment. Even after he vacuums or mops, he’ll go around picking up any stray hair or anything he might have missed. If someone is coming over, he’ll go crazy cleaning up – even if it’s someone who’s been over millions of times. Obviously, I knew he liked to keep the apartment clean, but it’s different now that we have an apartment with white floors.” -Stacey, 27, Fort Lauderdale