16,913-to-1 Odds!

A lucky NFL gambler turned $5 into $84,565 last weekend, by correctly predicting the winner of all 15 of the Sunday and Monday games.

The wager was made in the ‘Pro Football Progressive Contest’ at William Hill sportsbooks.  It doesn’t use point spreads, so you’re picking winners straight-up.

The anonymous winner hasn’t commented . . . so it’s unclear how he or she knew the Chiefs would win a shootout on the road against the Steelers, or that the Colts would steal a game from the Redskins in Washington.

Now, I know what you might be thinking:  Does this mean this person correctly guessed that the Vikings and Packers would TIE?

No . . . the gambler caught a break there.  They count TIES as a WIN.  Frankly, if this person actually predicted a tie, they should be in line for a FAR bigger payday than $84K.

The lucky winner takes home a payout of 16,913-to-1, which is awesome for $5.00.  However, it isn’t life changing.  Taxes will eat at least a third of it.