Top 5 Things You Shouldn’t Lie About on Your Resume

Maybe you’re not qualified for the job you’re applying to. So you stretch the truth. What happens if you get caught? Here are the worst lies that you can put on your resume that will get you disqualified if you’re found out.

Here are the top five resumé lies that can ruin your chances of landing a job . . .

1.  Lying about a degree you didn’t really attain.
89% said it would ruin your chances.

2.  Lying about your criminal record.
88% said it would cost you the job

3.  Lying about a certification or job-related license you don’t really have.

     85% consider this a major offense.

4.  Lying about your work experience.
     84% said it’s a serious lie.

5.  Lying about technical skills, or claiming you’re proficient in programs you’ve never used.
     75% said it would impact their decision.