The Relationship Questions Psychics Get Asked Most Often

1. Will I meet my soulmate? This is, hands-down, the No. 1 relationship-related question New Orleans psychic and medium Cari Roy gets asked by her clients, she says. In fact, it comes up during nearly every reading ― whether the person is single and looking for love or in a relationship but unsure it’s the right person.

 2. Is my spouse cheating on me? An estimated 25 percent of men and 15 percent of women in long-term relationships have cheated on their partner by having sex with someone else. When emotional affairs are included, those numbers are even higher. It’s no wonder, then, that people look to psychics to help allay their fears or confirm their suspicions.

 3. Will my affair partner leave their spouse for me? “I am never judge-y about this,” psychic and medium Cari Roy said. “We fall in love at inopportune times and it’s not for me to say if that’s right or wrong. I can tell you, though, that from what I’ve seen, only about 20 percent of these types of relationships have a happy ending.

 4. Is my divorce or a breakup a failure at love? After investing years into a relationship, splitting up can make you feel like you “failed” at love. But psychic medium Laura Lynne Jackson insists that’s just not the case ― in fact, she believes the opposite is true. “A divorce or breakup can signal that the relationship has already fully played the role it was meant to play in your life.”

 5. Can I fix an unresolved issue with a loved one who has died? You don’t necessarily need a psychic to help you mend these issues, Jackson said. She advises clients to ask for a sign from the deceased person which may include coins, electrical disturbances ― think flickering lights, computer devices malfunctioning ― as well as birds, butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, deer, songs, or repeating numbers like 11:11, 444.