Make Your Bed If You Want a Better Sex Life

Making your bed can actually boost your sex life and help your relationships, according to a new study. New research looked at the differences between those of us who make our beds and those of us who are guilty of leaving the sheets untucked. So, is it best to leave your sheets in a crumple or keep things neat? The study profiled bedmakers vs. non-bedmakers and examined the key differences between this hugely separating issue.

The survey of 2,000 Americans found that our morning habits reveal some interesting aspects of our personalities – and how bed-making can affect relationships. And those who make their bed have more sex per week than those who leave the bed unmade, on average.

 Profile: People who make their bed

 ·        Morning person

·        Wakes up without an alarm

·        Has sex three times a week

·        Average nap is 43 minutes

·        Jobs are most likely in the health or technology fields

·        More likely to enjoy jazz music, watch episodes of House Hunters and romantic movies

·        More likely to believe in ghosts

·        Personality traits include adventurous, confident, sociable and high-maintenance

Profile: People who don’t make their bed

 ·        Night person

·        Snoozes alarm before getting up

·        Has sex twice a week

·        Average nap is 50 minutes

·        Job are most likely in the business or financial fields

·        More likely to enjoy rock music, watch episodes of Seinfeld and comedy movies

·        Less likely to believe in ghosts

·        Personality traits include shy, moody, curious and sarcastic