Signs You’re Not Right For the Role of Superman

Sources say that HENRY CAVILL is done playing Superman . . . although nobody will admit it officially yet. Cavill has played Superman in three movies: “Man of Steel”, “Batman v. Superman”, and “Justice League”. Here’s how to tell if you’re not on the short list to replace him.

  • You just can’t deliver a line without giggling

  • You have to Google “Superman” to see who that is

  • You’re not ready to quit your day job at the auto parts store

  • You just got picked for Dancing with the Stars

  • Your biggest role so far has been “Bullying Victim”

  • You’d have to clear it with your parole officer

  • Two words: Facial tats

  • You’re not dropping the German accent-it’s where you’re from!

  • You’d need to get permission from your parents

  • Cape and tights don’t come in a “husky” size