Turns Out Women Are Way Dirtier Than Men in Bed…

…But’s it not what you think.

New research into how often men and women respectively clean their sheets has found that us ladies are lagging behind in this department. So, admittedly, when we say “dirty” we mean it in the most technical sense of the word.

 Out of the 2,000 people surveyed, researchers discovered that millennial men are religiously washing their bed sheets every two weeks. Meanwhile, ladies can only be bothered to change their bedding once every month.

 Surprisingly, 61 percent of women also said they prefer sleeping naked compared to just 39 percent of male participants. As for those who favor PJs, men also stormed ahead in how often they were washing their sleepwear. While pajama-wearing women said they put theirs through the wash once every five wears, men opted for every three.

 Commenting on the surprising findings, a spokesperson for the study said: “We found it interesting that men seem to be far more hygienic when it comes to their bed than females do, especially when compared to old data.”