The Germs You Need To Worry About Most During Back-To-School Season

Back to school time also means back to exposure to lots of germs. New York City pediatrician Dr. Dyan Hes tells Fox News, “[…] for little kids who were raised at home and then go to day care or school for the first time, they haven’t been as exposed to all those germs yet.” A study published in the journal Pediatrics revealed being in day care as an infant increased a child’s risk of getting a stomach bug in the first year of life, but also had a protective effect until age six. Kids who were in day care by the age of one had more stomach bugs earlier, but the non-day care children got sick more often as they got older. Common illnesses you should look out for: the cold & flu (get your child vaccinated in the last week of August to try and avoid the flu), strep throat, and pink eye. To reduce your child’s risk of all of these illnesses make sure they wash and dry their hands often.