Overheard at the Bigfoot Festival

People from across the country gathered this weekend in a small Carolina manufacturing town to celebrate Bigfoot. The first annual Bigfoot Festival in Marion, N.C. brought together the entire range of participants from Sasquatch skeptics and complete nonbelievers to Bigfoot explorers quick to share tales of sightings and howls.


  • Who’s the idiot in the Chupacabra costume?

  • Man, I really should upgrade from 8 millimeter film

  • They say more people have seen Bigfoot than the Han Solo movie

  • You know who I have no respect for? Those Loch Ness Monster idiots!

  • Am I the only one to have been kidnapped and anally probed by Bigfoot?

  • Aliens get the Close Encounters movie. What does Bigfoot get? Harry and the Hendersons!

  • I thought I saw him once, but it turned out to be Ron Jeremy

  • I hear Bigfoot isn’t showing unless he gets a cut of the merch

  • Did I see him? I got him to autograph my shirt!

  • Wait! I just realized-this is stupid