Men Reveal What Women Can Do to Make Sure They See Them as More than Friends  

1. Forget subtle. “Here’s the rule of thumb I’ve heard: what’s subtle to you is invisible to him. What’s obvious to you is subtle to him. What’s obvious for you to the point of embarrassment, is beginning to become visible for him.”

 2. Male it obvious. “If you aren’t showing interest or being flirtatious you’ll generally get skipped over for those who are.”

 3. Be direct. “The best way to show that you’re interested in someone is to be direct with them. If you’re trying to give off clues that might seem obvious to you, they’re probably going to go right over the guy’s head.”

 4. Don’t wait! “My girlfriend got sick of waiting for me to ask her out, so she did. We’ve been together 10 months, we’re about to move in together, and I’m basically adopting her cat. She’s incredibly attractive and I was dragging my feet, not sure if she was into me. Her asking me out was hot. It’s only happened a couple times and is incredibly flattering.”

 5. Brace yourself for rejection. “Take your swing. If you miss, adjust and swing again. My first real rejection in 7th grade is engrained in my brain to this day. However, it is there to remind me of all the lessons I took from that train wreck of an approach.”

 6. Don’t let the friend-zone sneak up on you. “A lot of people shoot themselves in the foot by waiting too long. You reap what you sow. So, if you cultivate friendship, then it’s hard to be surprised when someone sees you as a friend.”