The Five Worst Types of Fantasy Football Team Names

The NFL season got under way last night, and if you’re playing fantasy football this year, hopefully you came up with a clever name.  Otherwise it might be on this list of the five worst types of fantasy football team names.

 1.  Something sexual.  It’s a go-to for a lot of guys, so unless you bring something fresh to the table, it’s probably been done before.

 2.  A lame pun.  It’s difficult because the line between a bad pun and a GREAT one can be gray sometimes.   

 3.  Obscure memes.  YOU might spend every waking minute on the internet and know every meme out there, but the rest of the players in your fantasy league probably don’t.

 4.  A topical joke no one will remember come Week 5.  Whatever’s dominating the headlines TODAY almost definitely won’t be news later in the season.

 5.  A forced pop culture reference.  A pop culture reference can work, but a really good one is difficult to pull off.