How the World’s Oldest Married Couple Stays Together

The world’s oldest living married couple revealed the secret to their 80-year marriage – her patience. “It’s thanks to my patience,” said 100-year-old wife Miyako Matsumoto of Japan.

 The Guinness World Records named Miyako and her husband, Masao Matsumoto, 108, the oldest living spouses by aggregate age. “I am so grateful that it brings me tears,” Miyako said as she and her husband posed with a framed certificate at the nursing home where they live.

 The Matsumotos were both born in the Japanese city of Oita and introduced through an acquaintance. They were legally wed in 1937, though they never had a big wedding celebration, as Japan headed into war and the groom was sent overseas as a soldier.

 But they had a big family when he returned – raising five daughters who now range in age from 77 to 66. They also have 13 grandchildren, and their 25th great-grandchild was born last month.

 “They’ve entered the last chapter of their life,” said their daughter, Hiromi. “It was an honor [for them] to receive this award. I would love them to continue living a peaceful life.”

 For their 80th anniversary, staff at the couple’s nursing home threw them a big party – in place of the wedding they never had – with Miyako donning a regal red dress for a photo shoot.

 They still have a couple of years to go to beat the record for oldest married couple ever by aggregate age. That honor still belongs to Norwegians Karl and Gurdren Dolven who had a combined age of 210 years when Gurdrun died in 2004.