Things You Didn’t Know About Labor Day

Other than having a day off what do you know about Labor Day? Find out more with this list of The Top Things You Didn’t Know About Labor Day.

  • It’s a day that you celebrate work by NOT working. Which is like celebrating Kardashian Day by not getting laser hair removal.
  • It’s considered the unofficial end of summer . . . and the unofficial beginning of heckling people who continue to wear white.
  • It’s an offensive holiday since it disregards our nation’s lazy people.
  • Thanks to the three-day weekend, it’s a great opportunity to spend quality time with your family. And still have two days left to play “Fortnite”.
  • Underage iPhone assembly workers in China observe Inhumane Labor Day.
  • 25% of Americans will travel over Labor Day. And every single one of them will get on the road at the EXACT same second you try to leave.
  • If you still have to report to work on it, you’re legally obligated to not try.