Most Common Lies People Tell Before a First Date

1. Height. Both men and women lie about their height frequently in their dating profiles. Society can be tough on men who are short. I have heard many women in my professional and personal life, for instance, say that they wouldn’t date a short guy. Um, this is why people lie in their profiles! The real point is that everyone should be honest in dating from the beginning and that everyone should cast their net a little wider to give types they wouldn’t normally date the chance to reveal how great they could be as partners.


2. Weight. This includes posting photos of a much thinner version of yourself, and passing it off as being current! Weight is one of the main self-esteem issues, dragging down one’s mood and overall self-esteem. Rather than lie about your weight, do the exact opposite: tell the utter truth. Maybe you can lie to lock down a first date with someone, but being direct and upfront from the start saves everyone time and energy in the end.


3. Status/Income. As with lies about appearance, lies about income or financial status don’t make logical sense. Your dates will uncover the truth sooner or later, and if you have deceived them, they won’t trust you and they will resent you as a result of trying to fool them. What’s more, your dates will also analyze the fact that your lying suggests that you don’t feel good enough to represent yourself honestly.