Frankenstein Fun Facts

In honor of today being Frankenstein Day, here are The Top Frankenstein Fun Facts.

  • He was manufactured by doctors long before the Kardashians made it cool.
  • His skin’s not green. He just looks that way from eating Chipotle.
  • He’s afraid of fire, so to be safe, he hangs around Scott Baio’s career.
  • He has a slutty older sister named “Skankenstein.”
  • He asks his barber for the “Simon Cowell.”
  • Those bolts in his neck come in handy for charging phones.
  • His actual name is Frankenstein’s Monster, but he prefers “The Frankster.”
  • Even HE sometimes has trouble telling himself apart from Brad Garrett.
  • Despite all the grunting, he’s still easier to comprehend than Sly Stallone.
  • He enjoys punching smug know-it-alls in the face when they remind him that, technically, “Frankenstein” is the name of the doctor, not the monster.
  • If you strap a car battery to his neck bolts, his nipples explode.