Physical Attributes Cheaters Want in a Mistress

There’s not much shocking about this list. But it does give us a chance to hate on guys who can’t stop CHEATING on their spouses . . .

The website Victoria Milan asked 5,000 cheating men what they look for in a mistress. And #1 is slightly surprising. But the rest of the list is pretty much what you’d expect. Here are the top five physical attributes cheating men look for . . .

1. Long hair. 42% said it’s important.

2. Curves, 41%.

3. A slim figure, 35%. So curvy AND slim?

4. Pretty eyes, 34%.

5. Height. 31% said it’s important to have a mistress who’s tall. But 27% said being petite is important.

The survey also asked what PERSONALITY traits are most important in a mistress. And the top answers were a sense of humor . . . kindness . . . being adventurous . . . having a youthfulness about them . . . and being a “reliable” person was fifth, which is pretty ironic when you think of it.