Pieces of Dating Advice Your Single Friend Is Tired of Hearing from You

1. “You just have to put yourself out there.” Unless your friend has gone into full hibernation mode, they probably have been putting themselves out there. They probably don’t tell you everything about their love life, though. You might not be privy to the coffee dates or the growing number of dating apps they’ve downloaded, deleted and re-downloaded in the last few months.

2. “Yousre being too picky. You need to lower your standards.” Standards exist for a reason, so be respectful of your friends’ non-negotiables. If your friend doesn’t want kids or is looking for a financial equal, respect those choices. Chipping away at those standards is likely to result in an incompatible match.

 3. “Don’t worry about online dating. Do what you love and you’ll meet the right person organically.” While well-intentioned, this advice is outdated. There’s no reason your single friend can’t go out and do what they love ― say, enroll in a French cooking class in the hopes of meeting a foodie cutie who can cook a mean coq au vin ― and be on the dating apps all at once.

 4. “Maybe you’d have better luck if you put more effort into what you wear.”  Yes, a little effort goes a long way when you’re going on a first date. That said, if your friend is comfortable and looks relatively put together, don’t suggest they take the trouble to buy a whole new outfit. Let them be, and cool it with the judgment.

 5. “I think you’re just choosing the wrong people.”  Well, yeah. If your friend was choosing the right people, they wouldn’t be single. This piece of advice comes across as ultra-meddling. If you’re worried about the “type” your pal is chronically pursuing, it might be best to gently suggest a therapist. A professional can offer advice in a much more neutral, less judgmental way.