Ways We Try to Beat Jet Lag

Someone polled 2,000 people to find out how to beat jet lag. Here are the top ten ways we try to deal with it . . .

1. Force yourself to stay awake the first night. Or force yourself to fall asleep early. It depends on whether you’re flying east or west.

2. Sleep on the plane to help get yourself on the right schedule.

3. Walk around on the plane.

4. Avoid alcohol during the flight.

5. Drink more water than usual.

6. Try to stay in good shape in general, so jet lag doesn’t affect you so much.

7. Avoid caffeine the day you fly.

8. Do exercises on the plane.

9. Keep your watch and phone set to your normal time, so you won’t have jet lag when you get BACK. (Not sure I totally get the logic on that one.)

10. Avoid alcohol after you land.

Other strategies include taking vitamins . . . eating more fruits and veggies . . . getting some exercise after you land . . . and using sleeping pills.