Your Phone Could Be Covered In Ten Times As Much Bacteria As A Toilet Seat

You likely take your phone with you everywhere and use it nearly all the time– so no surprise it’s covered in germs. Researchers from the company Elite Aesthetics swabbed an iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy 8 and Google Pixel to test for the levels of aerobic bacteria, yeast, and mold present. Among all three phones, the screens had the highest level of bacteria. The Samsung Galaxy had the highest level of bacteria on its screen with 100 CFU (colony forming units) per square centimeter– by comparison, a toilet seat and flush handle have been found to have about 24 CFU per square centimeter. Study leader Dr. Shirin Lakhani says having lots of microscopic bacteria on your phone screen can mix with facial oil and clog pores, leading to inflammation and acne. She adds, “To combat these problems use a headset when on the phone for a lengthy period of time and regularly wipe your smartphone with an alcohol wipe to remove as much bacteria as possible before using it.”