Signs You Hired The Wrong Wedding Planner

A wedding planner in Texas has to pay four couples more than $20,000 after not providing services they paid for. These couples can probably identify with this list of The Top Signs You Hired the Wrong Wedding Planner.

  • Her idea for your theme? “The Purge”.
  • For your centerpieces, she suggests framed stills from your first sex tape.
  • She comes highly recommended by Brad and Angelina.
  • He’s only doing this to earn a few extra bucks while Mueller is investigating him.
  • The only other wedding she ever organized was between two of her cats.
  • When you tell him you’re getting married, he goes, “Well, there’s your first mistake.”
  • He admits right up front that he doesn’t believe in marriage . . . he’s just in it for the cake samples.
  • All he wants as payment is to watch you two get-it-on in the honeymoon suite.
  • She asks how much you want to spend on a mayonnaise fountain.
  • She just uttered the words, “Please welcome tonight’s band, Chumbawamba!”
  • Last night, she was your Uber driver.