Study: A Lack Of Workout Motivation Might Be Caused By Bad Gym Class Memories

Physical education class (P.E.) was traumatizing for some, and it turns out how you felt about P.E. can affect your relationship with exercise today. Iowa State University researchers had study participants fill out a questionnaire “that asked [them] to ruminate on and rate their memories of gym class and how they felt about exercise now” as well as their present-day workout habits. The scientists found that participants who said they had unpleasant memories of gym class were more likely to dislike exercise as adults, while those who enjoyed P.E. as a kid were more likely to enjoy exercise as adults. As far as what people most disliked about gym class: 14% said they felt awkward undressing in the locker room, and 34% said they found gym class embarrassing in general, and among those who liked P.E.: 56% said they genuinely enjoyed the activities, and 37% said they experienced “feelings of physical competence” in the class. And overall, seven percent said they enjoyed “not having to take P.E. class any longer or skipping class.”