12 Things Millennials Explain to Their Parents

There are things that are a common part of Millennials’ lives that their parents are oblivious to and have to have explained to them, as hilarious as that may be to their Millennial offspring. Here are 12 of them:

  • How dating apps work

  • Why you’re always taking pictures of your food

  • How your remote job is still a job

  • The concept of Netflix and chill

  • The deliciousness that is avocado toast

  • What “living your best life” really means

  • Acronyms you use in a text conversation

  • Why you use emojis as a form of communication

  • Where you get most of your news from

  • Why you took so long to accept their Facebook friend request

  • How a public figure “broke” the internet

  • How you can be sorry, but not sorry