Ways to Talk To Women & Get Them to Like You – a Lot!

Pay attention to body language:   Stand up tall, don’t slouch and make eye contact. Also, be sure not to get too close or to invade her personal space. You want to make sure that your body is facing only her, so she gets the clear signal that she has your full and undivided attention.

Smile:  Women love a man who smiles! It shows that you have a nice demeanor and that you are confident. Smiling speaks a thousand words you can’t say in any other way, so make sure you do it!

Be yourself:  Don’t change your behavior to appear as though you’re someone you’re not, and while confidence is key, don’t get cocky and overly confident. Be humble while knowing you are worth everything you wish for and more.

Speak to her like she’s your best friend:  Forget that she’s a beautiful woman and you’d like to get her number. Stay in the present moment and talk to her. Your confidence and charisma will allow her to reciprocate, and once she does, the attraction begins!

Ask questions about her life, her dreams, and who she is:  Men and women alike enjoy it when someone shows curiosity about who they are, so ask the woman you’re interested in questions about her life, her friends, and the things that drive her.

Compliment her:  Lastly, offer her compliments, and ask her questions to build on the attraction growing between you.