Things You Don’t Want to Hear From Your 13-Year-Old

 A survey found that kids start rebelling against their parents at 13.  So there’s a good chance parents could hear some things from this list of The Top Things You Don’t Want to Hear From Your 13-Year-Old.

  • Dad, there’s this video of you and mom going around the Internet . . .

  • Mom, can you put Plan B on your shopping list?

  • Meet my new boyfriend, Roy Moore!

  • But Dad, I’m the only girl in my class without a tattoo!

  • Sure, I’ll take out the trash.  But that’s REALLY not a very nice thing to call Mom.

  • Interesting browser history you’ve got, Dad.

  • Can I tell you about this weird dream I had about girls?  And horses?

  • Look, Dad.  My boobs are almost as big as yours!

  • Can you believe it?  Kevin Spacey wants to hang out with me!

  • Sorry, you’ll have to figure out how to program the DVR yourself.

  • Mom, why can’t you be more like Kris Jenner?