Things Every Guy Should Do While He’s Still Single

TRAVEL ALONE. Traveling alone is a great way to achieve the peace of mind that most people are seeking on vacation. There’s a lot of pleasure to take out of being entirely on your own schedule for a few days and filling that time however you see fit.

 RUN A MARATHON. Training for a marathon is a huge time commitment that’s way easier to squeeze into your schedule in your single days. Not to mention completing said marathon gives you all the bragging rights to basically anyone you’ll ever meet.

 EXPERIMENT WITH YOUR FACIAL HAIR. You know you’ve always been a little curious to try out a ‘stache. You can even try to bring the soul patch back (but please don’t.) It’s the perfect time to switch things up on your face.

 CHANGE UP YOUR WARDROBE. If you’ve been buying all of your clothes from the same place since high school, it’s time for an upgrade. Your wardrobe should mature as you do.

 MASTER A CUISINE. There’s really no excuse for getting all of your daily meals from a delivery guy. Can’t resist Chinese food? Get a wok and get to work. Having at least a handful of entrees in your repertoire will save you money and it’s a healthier way to go.

 LEARN TO PLAY AN INSTRUMENT. This is something to try while you’re living alone. You’ve played Guitar Hero. Why not turn that imaginary talent into the real thing? You don’t have to join a band, but it’s always a good thing to explore your creative side.

 DATE AROUND. All of the dating apps out there offer opportunities to expand your social horizon. You should take advantage of that. Every bad date can be a learning experience to guide you toward what you’re actually looking for.