Five Scary Driving Scenarios and How to Handle Them

Hopefully you’ll never need to use anything from this list but it’s good to know just in case. Here are five scary driving scenarios and how to handle them . . .

1. There’s an oncoming car in your lane. Try getting their attention by honking and flashing your lights. If that doesn’t work, slow down or stop while getting out of their way. And don’t just STARE at the car, because your car will follow your line of sight.

2. The sun is blinding you. Do your best to slowly drive in a straight line, and pay attention to what the drivers around you are doing. Chances are, they’re dealing with the same thing.

3. Someone is tailgating you. It’s frustrating, but the safest thing is obviously to just let them pass you.

4. There’s an animal in the road. Try to stay calm and avoid it with minimal braking and steering. Overreacting can cause more damage than just hitting it.

5. You’re about to be rear-ended. It depends on the situation. If you’re stopped at a busy intersection, someone hitting you from behind could send you into traffic and you could get T-boned. In that case, you’d want to step on the brake before they hit you.

But on the other hand, taking your foot OFF the brake if there’s nothing in front of you will let you roll forward and the impact won’t be as bad.