Things a Guy Doesn’t Want to Hear from a Woman

Guys can’t get enough of hearing women compliment them. But that doesn’t always happen. Here are The Top Things a Guy Doesn’t Want to Hear from a Woman.

  • Not until we’re married.
  • I just broke up, so I needed someone with no future to rebound with.
  • I’m reading this great book on the benefits of celibacy.
  • I’m forwarding that unsolicited picture of your junk you sent me to your boss and your mother.
  • I hope you don’t mind cats. I’ve got eleven!
  • Can you mansplain that to me again? It wasn’t nearly condescending enough.
  • How much would you pay to keep your wife from finding out about us?
  • Thanks for putting the kids to bed.  It’s nice to have a partner who takes an equal role in parenting.  By the way, it’s your turn to clean poop off the baby swing.
  • Change the channel. It’s time for “The Bachelorette”!
  • I just went though your browser history.
  • Could you slide over? I need to make room for my ventriloquist dummy.
  • Welcome to the Friendzone!
  • Your name is trending on Twitter, along with #MeToo.