Ways Madonna Celebrated Her 60th Birthday

A belated “Happy Birthday to Madonna. The Materiel Girl turned 60 this week. Ah, Madonna—she’s like Mount Everest; Many men have climbed her, but it’s still an accomplishment.

  • Reinventing herself… again

  • Once-a-year Dunkin’ Donut binge

  • Taking congratulatory phone call from Lady Gaga and grimacing through it

  • Trying to forget Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show

  • Weekly transfusion of blood from healthy teens

  • Binge-watching I Love the 80’s

  • Usual sad texts to Sean Penn

  • Trying to unload 50,000 copies of her Sex book on eBay

  • Watching Shanghai Surprise and not getting why people hate it

  • Seeing it the old cone bra still fits

  • Being outrageous, but in a more elderly way