An Astonishing Number of Women Never Have Morning Sex

More than 63 percent of women never have morning sex, according to a recent survey.

Of the nearly 1,000 people surveyed, all participants were in a relationship and living with their partner. They were separated into two groups: those who reported having morning sex (even rarely), and those who reported never having morning sex (63 percent of women, and 37 percent of men).

Among the women who skipped their a.m. sex, 51 percent said it was because they were “not in the mood.” While 36 percent of women reported they didn’t have enough time, 34 said they didn’t like morning sex, and 33 didn’t have enough energy. In that same group, 51 percent of men said they’d like to have regular morning sex, while only 20 percent of women said the same.

Among the morning sex group, more men reported it as being a regular part of their agenda than women (4.2 times a week vs. 3.1). Of course, even in this group, time was also a big factor—participants noted morning sex took them about 26 minutes on average—so the majority of respondents said Saturday and Sunday were their prime days for getting busy with the sunrise.

And among all participants, those who said they were satisfied with their relationship reported having more morning sex than those who said they were dissatisfied. So could kicking off your day with sex be the answer to productivity and joy?