The #1 Thing Companies Look for in Job Candidates Isn’t How Qualified They Are

Should you apply for your dream job, even if you’re not really qualified? The answer is YES, you should. Because a new survey found experience ISN’T the #1 thing companies worry about when they’re hiring someone.

Their top priority is whether you’ll FIT IN at the company. So if you’re underqualified but easy to be around, you might still have a shot. Here are the top ten priorities of managers when they’re choosing who to hire . . .

1. How you’d fit into the company culture.

2. How much experience you have.

3. Your general personality.

4. How qualified you are.

5. If you’re proactive, and have a good attitude.

6. Your ability to work as part of a team.

7. A willingness to learn.

8. An ability to take initiative, and complete tasks on your own.

9. How ambitious you are.

10. Communication skills.