People with These 7 Personality Traits Make the Most Loving & Connected Soulmates

If you want to know how to find a soulmate and fall in love as kindred spirits, start by looking for some key personality traits that are essential for soul-connected relationships.

 They are honest.

They are transparent in all of their interactions and consistently tell the truth.

 They are accountable.

They take ownership of what they say and do and follow through with promises. 

 They are empathetic.

They respect other people and, most importantly, respect you.

 They are assertive.

This person will state their thoughts, feelings, and opinions and expect the same from you. 

 They are rational.

They are reasonable and rational in their interactions, rather than prone to behaving like a petty and petulant child.

 They are supportive.

They have no interest in tearing you apart to get what they want. They want you to be emotionally intact and healthy.

 They are loving.

They want an emotionally safe, healthy, loving relationship based on the fundamentals of mutual respect, decency, and commitment.