If You Can’t Answer These Questions about Your Partner, You’re in Trouble

-What does “monogamy” mean to them? 

You can never be too sure of what “monogamous” means to the person you love, even if you connect on every other level. Get down to the nitty-gritty with your partner so you know right off the bat what sort of behavior is off limits.

 -When you get into an argument, how does your S.O. process their feelings? 

Arguments are par for the course in a relationship. It’s healthy to have them, in fact! What isn’t healthy is committing to a partner who doesn’t have the emotional intelligence to process their feelings.

 -How compatible are your sex drives?

It’s natural for sex drives to ebb and flow through the years, but there needs to be some core compatibility when it comes to your libido ― or at least a willingness to compromise.

 -If things get rough in the relationship, are they willing to go to therapy?

It’s a rare couple that can withstand life’s big struggles without outside help. Before getting too serious, try to get reassurance that your partner is on board with getting help, should you need it.

 -Career-wise, where do they see themselves five years from now? 

Hopefully, your partner takes a long view of their career and where they want to be five or 10 years from now. And if things are getting serious between you two, ideally you have a good grasp of their envisioned career track and how you fit into that.