Make-Up Can Make Young Women Look Way Older

Psychologists at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania say they believe that make-up can make a young woman’s appearance older than her actual years. According to a new study, published in the British Journal of Psychology, wearing lipstick and eyeliner can make a 20-something look 40-something. They study’s results also revealed that make-up on the eyes and skin had an effect on perceived age while make-up applied to the lips and skin had less of an effect. Gettysburg College Professor Richard Russell said, “We found that 40 and especially 50-year-old women did appear significantly younger when wearing make-up. Contrary to our hypothesis, 30-year-old women looked no different in age with or without make-up, while 20-year-old women looked older with make-up … We propose that make-up affects social perceptions through bottom-up routes, by modyfying visual cues such as facial contrast, facial feature size, and skin homogeneity, and also through top-down routes, by activating social representations and norms associated with make-up use.”