Things It’s Okay To Not Feel Confident About In Your 30s

Things It’s Okay To Not Feel Confident About In Your 30s (Even Though Everyone Expects You To)

 Your Weight

Just because you’re in your thirties that doesn’t mean that you magically have conquered a lifetime’s indoctrination that you aren’t thin enough, toned enough, etc.

 -Your Looks

While some days my vanity might know no bounds, other days I have to actually dramatically dodge every single mirror I encounter because I am a hideous beast.

 -Talking on the Phone

Why anyone even does this anymore is beyond me.

 -Going on Dates

If you aren’t nervous before you go out on a first date I want you to answer me honestly: do you also plug yourself in at night so you can recharge? Only a robot wouldn’t be nervous on a first date.

 -Getting Married

It’s okay to be totally unsure and confidence-free about your unmarried state. Hell, that’s why Jane Austen wrote books. 

 -What You’re Doing with Your Life 

I have no idea. Do you?   

 -Your Job

At some point in their twenties lots of my female friends buckled down professionally. They worked hard, went back to school, got promotions, they friggin’ leaned in. I missed that memo.