Tips for Flirting Your Way into a Conversation with Any Man

Compliment him (on anything that’s true):

Do you like something he’s wearing? Say, “Nice shoes! Where’d you get them?”

Just say “hi” (and make eye contact):

This just doesn’t happen to men very often, so they’re usually surprised and caught off guard and happy to answer back.


Ask him a question about what’s going on:

You’re on the beach, so ask him, “If you had an empty bottle what message you’d put in it – and where you hope it would eventually land?” Then ask him if he found a bottle on the beach what he’d like to discover inside.


Ask a practical question:

If you meet at a party, ask what route he took to get there. Why did he pick that way? This conversation starter can have lots of possibilities, such as (1) if there are two ways to get somewhere, “Do you have a favorite or do you alternate between the two?” or (2) “Did you come that way from work? What do you do for a living?” or (3) “Do you really think the government should spend money on that particular road construction?” This last one could turn into a heated debate, so be aware!


Tell him something you know and ask his opinion:

In the grocery store you could say, “I like the Roma tomatoes because they have a better flavor for sauces. Which ones do you like?”


Try something more modest:

Always smile when you’re talking to a man you’re interested in. This lets him know you’re open to speaking with him and enjoy his company.