What Type Of Man Are Female Daters Looking For?

If you want to look appealing on a dating app make sure you list your college degree in your profile. A recent study found that female online daters prefer more educated partners, compared to their male online dating counterparts. Researchers surveyed nearly 27,000 heterosexual men and 15,000 heterosexual women. They found women were 11 percent more likely than men to specify what educational level they required in a potential mate. Also, women between the ages of 18 and 40 showed more strict educational preferences, though this lessened toward the end of that time frame. Past the age of 50, women became particular again, and men ages 50 and up also showed strict educational preferences. It’s believed the difference in choosiness between men and women can be explained by an evolutionary theory called the parental investment theory– it states that women’s pickiness can be explained in terms of parental investment– or behaviors that increase the likelihood of offspring survival but also come at a cost to the parents. The idea is that women are more far more biologically invested in the process of making offspring, so technically they’re more invested in parenthood, and thus it’s natural they are more picky when it comes to mate selection.