Signs You Hired A Bad Home Remodeling Contractor

Hiring a contractor to do a home remodeling project can be scary . . . especially if they suck. Here are The Top Signs You Hired a Bad Home Remodeling Contractor.

  • He offers to knock $50,000 off your bathroom addition if you let him film you using it.
  • The only thing he uses his tape measure for is to scratch his privates without bending over.
  • When you ask for a quote, he says, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
  • He wants to show you that the new toilet he installed works by flushing down a floater.
  • His band-saw has traces of human hair.
  • His business card has the words “Bad Remodeling Contractor” on it.
  • When he picks up a brick, he says, “Wow, these are soooo much heavier than Legos.”
  • The last thing he “contracted” was herpes.
  • He has an e-cigarette behind his ear.
  • He claims he’s got a spotless safety record. Which is amazing, considering his crew spends their lunch break lying in the back of his pickup, smoking meth.
  • He put up a new screen door . . . where the bathroom door was.
  • He gets dropped off and picked up by his mom.