Marriages Are Crumbling Under Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt is no joke, and it’s driving a wedge between couples. Recent research found the average outstanding balance for student loan borrowers is $34,144, and another study by Student Loan Hero found more than a third of borrowers said college loans and other money factors contributed to their divorce. Jen Rogers of Student Loan Hero says 13 percent of divorcees specifically blamed student loans for ending their relationship. Jared Blikre of Yahoo Finance adds, “I’m surprised [more people don’t cite student loans as their reason for getting divorced.] Because when I looked into this report, it’s amazing. It says the average outstanding balance is currently $34,000. That’s up 62 percent over the last decade. In addition, the percentage of borrowers who owe $50,000 or more has tripled over the same period. The cost of college is out of control.”