How Many Fights Should You Have Before Breaking Up?

It’s normal to fight with someone you’re in a relationship with– but how many fights is too many? Frances Metzman, author of The Cha-Cha Babes of Pelican Way, says how you fight is important, she explains, “If you ask for a behavior to stop and it leads to screaming or talking over one another, that is a fight that usually leaves anger and resentment. That will build to a breaking point if there is not an agreed upon resolution.” She says that if over time your fighting leads to good changes, fewer fights, and more listening, than you are on the right path, but arguing frequently about the same issues again and again means there are going to be no changes, and it’s time to end things. So there’s no magical number of fights, but if they’re not helping along good changes it’s likely time to call it quits.