Cool Things About Being A Clown

Since this is International Clown Week, it’s a good time to bring you this list of The Top Cool Things About Being a Clown.

  • When you walk down the street at night, EVERYBODY gets out of your way.
  • You look like you’re smiling even when you’re not. Which is always. Because you’re spending your life as a clown.
  • Automatic free fries when you walk into a McDonald’s.
  • You’ll never get a ticket for not having enough passengers to be in the carpool lane.
  • You get to come up with a goofy clown name, like “Bozo”, “Clarabelle”, or “Trump.”
  • Most people can only knock down bowling pins. But you can also juggle them! Hey man, I’m trying.
  • You never get in fights over someone calling you a “Bozo.”
  • Big floppy shoes equal big floppy junk
  • So far, there’s no tariffs on seltzer water or meringue pies.
  • Clowns work at circuses. And circuses employ bearded ladies. And bearded ladies put out.
  • Nobody’s surprised when you’re exposed as a serial killer.
  • People let you juggle your balls in public.